VOTE: Customer Service Professionals

Recognizing excellence in customer service, wherever, whenever.
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    1 star, barely there
    2 stars, so-so
    3 stars, adequate
    4 stars, Good !
    5 stars, Excellent ! exceeds expectation

OUR MISSION: Helping talent rise.® 

Agaru (Japanese): to help something rise, to lift something.

Why do it?

Your voice as a customer matters a lot, for both staff and companies. We’ll help both.

Your vote for staff shares your gratitude with the world

Who can I vote for?

Anyone in customer service positions: bartenders, waiters / waitresses, sommeliers, retail. Anyone with great attitude and aptitude for customer service.

Who can vote?

ANYONE. If you are a customer, you should. You are the reason for the job.

Our job: recognize excellence in customer service.
And YOUR VOTE makes the difference. 

Why are we doing this?

1. Feedback is hard to get and very important to improve performance. 

2. Recognition of a job well done rarely happens. And it is the gracious thing to do.

3. Enterprises need to know who are their stars.

4. Gratitude makes a huge difference for the staff. And the world. 

What happens after I vote?

We create a record for the staff, so that there is proof of their talent.

They also get a ‘good job’ letter in the mail.

With your vote we will help staff have an independent measure of their talent, aside from enterprises or governments. We believe  that wasted talent is a shame. 

NOTE:  the top contributors and service staff will  be rewarded (RULES HERE) 


Agaru has been recognized by the UNWTO as one of the top 100 innovative hospitality startups in the world in 2021 ! (actually in the top 20 in a special selection document!)

Agaru, the reference for hospitality, helping talent rise




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What is Great service? How can we define it?

So what is Great service? 

Here is a quick guide we think is fair:

  1. Prompt (fast is best, time is money)
  2. Helpful (pointless to be fast and nice if you can’t really help, eh?)
  3. Meets the mark of the guest / client (and exceed those needs)
  4. At agreed cost or reasonably close (time is money but money is also money)
  5. Mindful of the client expectations (being seamless; issues like cost and timing)
  6. Smooth interaction (all complexity either explained beforehand or eliminated)
  7. Pleasant (you want to see the people that served you again and again, and you would send your friends to them too)
  8. Delights and it’s FUN! (It’s what makes it personal and brings people back)
  9. Anticipates needs of the client or guest, seeming effortless and gracious (they’ll seem like mind readers but lots of moving pieces for this)
  10. Honest (all is done in good faith, not to take advantage)

    What is talent?  ]