Why vote? Help talent rise

Soft skills’ are considered ‘unmeasurable’.

So we are proposing a simple way to find out if staff is really performing as you would hope for by having customers tell us directly when they come across someone talented at their job. It doesn’t matter what capacity, what level of interaction. What matters is talent and aptitude.

With a bit of gratitude (and an entry in our platform) we can make a major impact on service staff by acknowledging their contributions in ways beyond monetary gain, offering respect and recognition.
Money alone won’t fix a toxic work environment and a thank-you is nice but respect is the defining factor, as a well-known anthropologist (Philippe Bourgois) would find out, between selling crack in El Barrio or trying to find legitimate work.

In sum, we have an ask: Help us help talent rise. We are collecting data of those whom are great at their job, and do it with heart.
Ideally this record will serve as a reference of skill, and be part of the staff wherever they may go. We’ll vouch for their talent so that they can find other opportunities or training or even loans and access to credit otherwise unattainable.

Enterprises will gain better insight of the performance of their teams with more granular data and customers will be able to express gratitude in a simple way, where they can help others help themselves through their talent.

Sounds sensible? we think so. Please vote in the talent you know : www.agaru.me