CANT SLEEP? Try this, be amazed


Another useful resource. Can’t sleep? NO PROBLEM!  The soothing voice of @jasonstephenson will put you out in no time. 

I know in these times a lot of us are anxious and our sleep patterns are all over the place. Try these meditations out. I seriously rarely make it past the 15 minute mark. Really, really great soothing guided meditations with soft music, no ads, and no drugs needed. You too can be a fluffy little cloud or dip on a magical soothing pond in the forest with your imagination and a little guidance.

I’m not a doctor (though I play sometimes one behind doors) but I can tell you that it even helps with pains and aches. The mind is a POWERFUL ally if you can help it to work with you.
This content comes in all formats, youtube, in insta and podcasts. I have downloaded from itunes as well, so I can always have the tracks even if I don’t have internet. There are also live meditations on Wednesday and Friday 9am EST.

 So shout out to Jason, THANK YOU for your effort, and we hope you continue to help people with your sweet soothing voice. Namaste.