Agaru for the workplace FAQ

Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Agaru?
    Agaru is a platform to help enterprises and staff know when are they performing at their best in front of customers.
    The idea is that customers are the ultimate decision makers, and quality in hospitality is something that you can measure with their feedback. By creating metrics of these experiences staff and companies can work better with each other.
  2. How is this different from mystery shoppers?
    A mystery shopper is only one point of view that happens now and then. Our solution can give you insights 24/7, and can transform every guest interaction into valuable feedback. To simplify, a waiter can interact with hundreds of guests every week, imagine what you could learn from them about the team performance if you asked every guest, at the request of the staff.
  3. Who decides what or who gets rated?
    Ultimately it comes down to guest choices. We encourage them to be more specific and share details like teamwork or the staff’s product knowledge if they noticed, but we cant force it. Honest feedback is still the best policy.
  4. Do you publish the ratings of our restaurant or bar in public?
    NO. Our default is to keep the feedback private. If you wanted to have better SEO and exposure we would, but as we have all seen with review sites, this can come at some risk.
  5. Is Agaru limited to a region or country?
    NO. Agaru can work anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365
    The only limits we have is participation. Without the guest participation we cannot do our magic.
  6. My staff is great already, why do I need Agaru?
    Your team may be great, but how do you quantify their talent and guest satisfaction? You can try to do paper surveys, but few guests ever bother. Our difference is that we are fast, simple and easy to use, AND both staff and customers are rewarded.
    Even better, you can integrate your sales data to guest satisfaction and find correlations to find insights never available before. Not knowing how and who performs well is like driving a car blindfolded. We will show you the way.
  7. But others will pouch my staff!
    We do not share who is in your team. We only recognize in public the top talent in a city.
    We can help you prevent those losses of key staff by being able to recognize talent before they feel under-appreciated. And we both know how expensive and time consuming it can be to replace a key staff member.
  8. But I follow the reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor already, isn’t that enough?
    Not quite. Those reviews focus on the company, not on the people that make the work possible. Subtle difference, but knowing who is nice to customers is crucial to make customers come back. With good data you can make better management decisions with less headaches.

Do you have any more questions? Do not hesitate. We are here to help.

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