The most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Agaru?
    Agaru means in Japanese ‘to help something rise’, to ‘lift something’, to ‘bring up something’. Agaru is a platform helping hospitality staff to develop a record of their talent, so that they can prove their skill wherever they work. Currently these skills are considered unmeasurable, but we intend to change that.
    With this record Enterprises of any size will know that their staff is performing consistently well, and who are the stars in their team.
    Customers can now express gratitude beyond a thank you or money, in a way that can make someones life a little better, in a small action.
  2. Who are you?
    We are a team of Hospitality professionals that have a understanding and appreciation for good service, wherever it may be and whoever may be delivering it. We are a team based out of Toronto, Canada, Immigrants all of us. We are proud that we are contributing back to our adopted land, just like others helped us before.
  3. Why rate others?
    We think that the easiest and best way to improve yourself and your work is with feedback. Hospitality is not easy, and doing it with heart even harder. So we think it’s fair and worthy to praise those that go and put heart and effort in their work.
    Plus, recognition of others makes your life better and easier, gratitude is more than a word. It’s more than a religious thing. Gratitude is an action that is well within all of us that takes not much, that can have a significant change in someone’s life, even if you don’t know them.
  4. Will you or others steal my staff?
    No. We do not share to the public our ratings or locations. The data belongs to the staff. We are not recruiters or brokers. If you are concerned about the data and management please get in touch with us. Our job is to help talent to rise from obscurity. Down the road it may be the case that staff will seek other jobs, maybe in other fields, and that is where we provide references for them.
  5. How many people do you have on your database?
    We cannot tell you that, the data belongs to the people that are voted for. We do have votes from across Canada, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Barbados, United Arab Emirates.
  6. What happens to the data when I vote / when someone votes?
    1. We add their name to our database.
    2. Management and staff get an old fashioned paper letter of congratulations
    3. Staff gets the recognition and praise that never happens
    4. Enterprises can opt and get the data of their team performance on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.
    5. Staff can opt out of the system anytime they want
    6. Staff also can opt how much to share of their data (or not)
  7. How often do you give prizes?
    We give prizes to the best performers in their city every quarter. Could be something small to being with, but isn’t it nice to have something unexpected and be recognized for a job you were going to do well anyway?
  8. What do you get out of this?
    Well, not much to be honest. Our plan is that we may make a difference on how hospitality staff is treated, hoping for more recognition, respect and appreciation. One day we hope that we will be the standard when hiring, finding a job or promotion.
  9. Who can vote on the system?
    Anyone! We are not interested in who, but in that you share your recognition of someone, your gratitude applied.  You don’t have to be hospitality staff, all we ask is that you are fair minded and try to make a difference out there.
  10. Where can I use the system?
    Anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Our system is NOT limited by geography or governments.
  11. Anything else?
    We are the alternative that didn’t exist, the friend you didn’t know has your back, the one that will vouch for you as you go through the world of work


A win – win – win


We charge enterprises a recurring monthly fee to access the team performance. We issue a breakdown of customer satisfaction on a daily / weekly or monthly basis. The cost is based on the size of the team, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Helping talent rise