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But the upswing is that you’ll have a transportable, personal record of skill.

Lets face it, Hospitality can be ungrateful, with long hours away from family, friends and most people. It can also be very stressful and makes you feel like you have no control over your life.

But what if there was a way in real terms to get recognition, self-worth and more control over your LIFE? that is our goal.
With a record of your talent you can prove to the world that you are someone and do something that contributes to the world. It may be small, but every good action makes the world a little better place.

With our platform you can find out what’s your service skill score. If you get any votes, we’ll notify you as they come. Down the road you’ll be able to prove your talent and your ability to deliver great experiences as voted by your customers directly.

Imagine a mashup between Tripadvisor and Uber BUT for you, not the company you work for. Its YOUR talent. YOUR effort. This should be recognized.

Great question! some of the perks:

  1. Recognition of your talent with dealing with customers
  2. Exclusive events and wine tastings (free stuff!)
  3. Proof of your skill in hospitality (valuable for other fields)
  4. Feedback of performance (its very hard to get!)
  5. Third party vouching your skills (beyond your workplace)
  6. Transportable record (wherever you go, we’ll vouch for you)
  7. Your score remains secret (only you can decide where to share)

Every vote you get = points towards prizes.

Right now, be a pioneer and 10 votes for you gets you a FREE bottle of wine. Our founder is a Sommelier, so you are bound to get something nice!

NOBODY else out there will do this for you. But we love ya!

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