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Someone wise once said that ‘You cannot manage what you don’t meassure’

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We can offer enterprises real, straight from the source feedback from customers, so that you can have certainty of how your team is performing on a daily basis. No more surprises, no more waiting for google or yelp reviews (if they happen).
And let’s face it, there is very little feedback in between complains and compliments. Few people ever take the time, but those moments are just as crucial as the highlights or the low points.

Having constant feedback is the best way that we can think to improve the quality of service and morale with the staff.

We are a team of Hospitality professionals and enthusiasts that found themselves in need of a novel solution to an old problem: finding the voice of the customer.
Our soultion will give you daily / weekly / monthly reports of your staff performance. Know who are your key players. Train those lagging behind. Bring up talent, not politics.

Good service is good service, and we believe there are universal indicators.

But how would you know for sure if someone in your staff has talent? Currently you don’t. ‘Soft skills’ are considered ‘unmeasurable’.

So we are proposing a simple way to find out if your staff is really performing as you would hope for: have customers tell us directly when they come across someone talented at their job. It doesn’t matter what capacity, what level of interaction. What matters is talent and aptitude.

With a bit of gratitude (and an entry in our platform) we can make a major impact on service staff by acknowledging their contributions in ways beyond monetary gain, offering respect and recognition (which brings loyalty). 

Help us help talent rise. We are collecting data of those whom are great at their job, and do it with heart. Ideally this record will serve as a reference of skill, and be part of the staff to help them improve. We’ll vouch for their talent so that they can have a better sense of self-worth and control over their lives, their talent and their standing with peers. All the hallmarks of what makes better living.

Enterprises will gain better insight of the performance of their teams with more granular data and customers will be able to express gratitude in a simple way, where they can help others help themselves through their talent.  
Down the road you’ll be able to spot the talent and offer further training or perhaps a raise to those that demonstrate the right attitude and aptitude. Even more, when hiring candidates will have this record as a reference so you will know with certainty their ability, instead of training, traying and praying!

We also offer quality content for staff training at NO EXTRA COST if you sign up with us. Have insights that are fresh and relevant to today’s customer preferences and choices.

Get the info you need, have your staff on point with every customer interaction, and know how are they doing on the crucial ‘Moment Of Truth’ interactions.

For now we are offering FREE access to the data to the first 10 enterprises that sign up for 6 months. You have nothing to lose and a world of insights to gain.

If you have questions please do not hesitate.

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