FREE Resources for hospitality staff

Curated by Adrian Marquez, Sommelier, Anthropologist.

Here I’ll share fun links to resources I’ve found. Keep in mind this will be a living document, updated from time to time. The idea is that there is a lot of information out there that can help you work, better and easier, but finding it is half the art.

This is a living document too, where I have put together what I have learned over 20 years of working in hospitality. Covers everything from setup to how to unwind after work without drugs or alcohol. Check it out, it’s free, and made with much love, its time for me to give back what I have learned.

A handy PDF reminder of what can we consider to be good service:

Here is an easy way to remember best practices at work. Made my life much easier.

Like podcasts? me too! Hear this one out from CBC radio Canada. Has GREAT stories of amazing customer service and why is it so important. You wont hesitate to go above and beyond after hearing these stories. (Hint: customers do notice!)
Under the Influence: Tales of Customer Service (click for podcast)

From the Wine Guild, super high quality, and hey, the price is right!


Coming back from @wine2wine, finally organizing my thoughts on the whirlwind that is that event. Kudos again for the team for putting together a great show with very interesting perspectives and speakers. 

Some of the cool things out there now: 

Very interesting idea, helping wineries sort out the mutual headache of scheduling appointments and sorting out the staff needed for their tasting rooms. Free tip from them: seems that one-on-one is the best way to sale, and visitors appreciate the extra personalized service touch. 

With appointments secured, wineries can schedule the staff they need, when you need it. As a winery it’s also a great value add to the website, saving the potential visitors time and effort when they want to taste and buy in a winery. 

Lots of wineries are onboard, with more coming soon. I would highly recommend to use them, the team is dedicated and very committed to helping wineries thrive. I’d be happy to get anyone in touch with the principals, I believe in what they are doing.

Super interesting project, solving an age-old problem in wine: provenance and fraud. 

Where they are different is that they are  tagging wine bottles with smart NFC tags into a database, so that consumers can verify the wine all along the chain and prevent fraud (or even know if the bottles have been opened!). 

WIth this project the risk of the wine is real or fake is reduced, no more guesswork, it’s super simple to use, and very powerful.

 If you make or sell wine, you wanna get on this platform, consumers want to know the provenance of their wines, and it can only help to increase the resale value of fine wines. Coming down the road they will have futures contracts and a trading platform, very exciting, the time has come to innovate wine.
Again, I’d be happy to put in touch those who need a simple solution to a complex problem.

One of the Gems that I found through a mutual friend is Martina Doglio. She is a Sommelier based in Asti, in the heartland of Piemonte. Super friendly and speaks perfectly good English. An incredible source of local knowledge and connections. If you wanna organize any kind of event or outing in Italy, she should be your go-to. 

Overall, there are lots of projects coming out that focus on blending technology and wine, most  of them on marketing, UX, e-commerce and fashion. Italy seems that it will always be a collection of very strongly opinionated folks, and I don’t expect that technology will change that at all, if anything it will help the differences be celebrated and appreciated. Let us hope that the variety and diversity of Italian wines can survive the technology wave coming up ahead.

Here are more resources (mostly for our US brethren) that further break down into regional or company specific groups. There are a lot of resources if you know how to reach them, so hopefully this can be useful for someone in these crazy times we live in: