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Hello fellow hospitality collaborator !

Welcome to Agaru. Our mission is helping talent rise.

We do that by providing you with resources of all sorts, and by helping you have your talents recognized.

Need help improving? feeling rusty? we got you:

Why are we doing this?
Hospitality work is hard.

But at least we can sort out one thing: KNOW YOUR TALENT.
And without feedback it is impossible to get better.

Without staff, any restaurant, cafeteria, bar or hotel is just a pile of bricks.
So we need each other. And if we work together we can be better off.

If you register with us we help you have a record of your skill, as voted by your customers directly. Imagine combining LinkedIn + TripAdvisor + Uber rating. But for you, not the company.

You can take this record wherever you go, wherever you work and prove your talent.

No more politics at work. Management can know how to help and when to back off.
And we have the resources to improve and get better (which will make you more $$$).

AND your participation (being rated or rating others) will be rewarded.

Your customers are rewarded for their feedback too.

All around, we think this is a win-win-win.

Sounds fair? Interested? Come join us, build a career, not just do a job.
We believe in your talent.

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FREE for staff. Always. 

We  give a report of your efforts with  daily/weekly/monthly graphics. Know your talent.

We setup a personal page for customers to vote for you, anywhere, anytime.

You can share the record with your boss or when you need to find a job. 

We support your skill based on the votes we get for you. Like an Uber rating. 

You can make a difference in hospitality

Not for you? That’s OK. Feel free to use our resources, take what you need.

But you can help other people improve by giving feedback.
Wherever you go, 24/7.

Could be a waiter / waitress. bartender, barista or even retail. Anyone with great attitude and aptitude for the job.
Help others improve and be rewarded for your contributions.

Your votes are confidential, and you’ll be rewarded for your participation.

Helping talent rise