About Us


Agaru (Japanese): to help something rise, to lift something, to bring up

Our team:

We are a team of hospitality experts with many years on the field. We have lived the pain and the stress of the job over and over.

We know it can feel frustrating, ungrateful and that you have no control over your life.  Customers cannot make a positive difference beyond monetary compensation. And for enterprises being in the dark about customer satisfaction is also frustrating and even downright risky.

We think it is time things are done easier, with greater benefits for all; customers, enterprises and staff all contribute to the exchange. It is time that all parties can benefit for their participation.

Our vision:

To be the reference resource for service workers everywhere

Our Mission Statement:

Helping talent rise

Our Values:
+     We work for The People, so we must be honest to them 

+      We must be always act with grace and civility

+  ‘happiness makes us grateful, but gratefulness makes us happy.’

+     We bring good and positive things to our users and clients

+     Without the participation of others we can’t exist, so we must give back to our users, participants and society at large

Attitude and Aptitude
+     We reward good attitude and aptitude towards work and life

Our logo:

Chinese character for “people” +”1″ (data) + “star”, summarizing our purpose: helping people reach the stars

We are a team born out of necessity and believe that gratitude can go beyond money to help change someone’s life for the better 

Our Business Model

We believe that all parties should benefit, and that participants should be able to reap some reward for their participation.
So we propose a model of profit sharing that benefits users and registered participants, where both can be rewarded for their participation (users) and doing a good job (registered staff). One cannot exist without the other. Both need each other. Working together both can have mutually rewarding interactions.

Our long term commitment

We will give back most of the profits to the participants, as it ensures continual growth, the health of the platform and a more equitable distribution of the wealth created by the data generated by the users.
We will give back with a preference to developing nations, as the disparities are much greater. A dollar, for example, may not be much in North America, but it is a significant amount in some places.

Our Sustainable Development goals

We believe that by having tangible proof of skill and aptitude we can change the conversation and bring real empowerment to people everywhere.

The best way to help people is to help them help themselves.

By being able to prove with third party verification talent and work aptitude we can create much better and longer lasting opportunities for employees everywhere:

1. Reducing inequality, by enabling access to opportunity regardless of age, gender, creed, origin or politics

2. Creating a infrastructure of support and access based on the efforts of the employee, beyond any politics at work or local governments

3. Creating greater economic opportunities by proving that the employee has the valuable skills necessary to do the job, therefore being paid accordingly