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Picture credit: [Image: Giorgio Bargiani, via London Spirits Competition


As things look up, and you start wondering how can you improve your bar and become one of the best in the world, a short and sweet guide comes out from the mixologist of the best bar in the world for 2020, The Connaught 

Thank you Giorgio Bargiani for sharing your insights on what makes sense for bar operations and even how to find a good bartender: “Being a bartender also means being a host and in order to host people, you need empathy, sensitivity and humbleness.”
I agree with you 100%. Thank you for sharing!

As always, not paid to post, we do not know this company, not affiliated. Our mission, as always, is helping talent rise.

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We agree out here that upselling is key to any enterprise, and sales are crucial especially in these days. It is a fine art and Shawn Soole has some short and sweet tips on how to engage and make that sale !

Thank you Shawn, looking forward to the next one.

As always, not paid to post, not affiliated, etc etc. The mission is #helpingtalentrise #hospitalityindustry #guestsatisfaction #hospitality #makeitnice #bartender #waiter #sommelier


Do you like chocolate? Do you need gifts for the holidays? MUST TRY THESE. 

A dear friend of mine, Daniel Haran,  former tech guy, one day had a revelation: chocolate was his calling. He knew he loved it and knew that there were A LOT of issues with how chocolate is traded and made (there are a lot of shady practices in the trade). Why not do better? 

 Being a man of action he decided to learn as much as he could and make his own. Took him FOUR YEARS of sweat, blood and tears to get to these bars, but I am here to tell you, they are MAGNIFICENT. 

The chocolate is sourced from small Philipine farms, with direct and fair trade. The process is meticulous, Daniel is a perfectionist that at one point was building a machine assisted by Artificial Intelligence to sort out bean by bean . . . that is dedication ! 
The chocolate is roasted just right, (trial number 30?).The texture is just right, minimal invasion from sugar flavors and the best part is that THESE BARS AGE LIKE WINE. Weird, I know, but I swear that we have tried older versions and they do change, mellowing out and blending all the components better. Wine lovers will get it, these are not your average  10 for a dollar chocolates. Definitely an experience worth trying. 

IS THIS AN AD?  NO. Seriously. He is a friend, I am not being paid to post this, I am not affiliated, no kickback. I really love what he does and why and want to see him do well. 

tl;dr: buy these chocolates, they are great, made with love and SUPER TASTY.

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pic credit: Book of Hours. Paris, 1490


From the Government of South Australia, a collection of fun and amusing books and clippings of wine lore… like you ever wondered how were monks punished if they got drunk? catching a buzz was ok?… What did Shakespeare have to say about wine? 

These and other tidbits (Including a kick ass selection of Australian wine history) can be found for FREE. Go check it out if you wanna nerd out on Australian wine. 

And why should you learn this? Well, because you know that half of the job is to be an entertainer and tell stories, and this can be your ammo to be endlessly entertaining !


From John Szabo, MS and Sara D’ Amato !

Another new and fun episode on the new wave of Bordeaux wines coming out, particularly in the Medoc. Bordeaux was not exactly a centre for innovation and change for many years, so it is refreshing that there are cool and sustainable projects coming out of there these days.  It is an hour long, so it is a bit of a time commit, but well worth it! 
You’ll learn about the land, the soil, what grows there and tidbits about history. WIN. 

Here is from the authors:

” Wine Thieves new series! A perspective-changing three-part podcast on the Médoc in Bordeaux, seen through the lens of a new generation of family-owned estates. Forward-thinking and with commitment to sustainable and organic production, we explore the new dynamism of the Médoc, inquire about women in wine in this historic region, and listen to perspectives on the future of Bordeaux. A review of terroir, appellations, classifications and some history is thrown in along the way. Episode 1 features Elise Uijttewaal, proprietor of the Cru Bourgeois Château Saint-Hilaire in AOC Médoc. Of Dutch descent and a trained engineer, Elise is perfectly equipped to speak about the history of the region and the terroir of the Médoc. You’ll hear about how there are more women in the vineyards and cellars of the Médoc than ever before, and our discussion on the updated Cru Bourgeois and Cru Artisan classifications.”