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We believe that a great way to help people is to help them help themselves. And what better way than to give talent a chance to shine?
Our goal is to help talent be recognized, wherever and whomever they may be. Its something small, but we hope it will help in some way.

This is a living document, meaning it will change and expand with YOUR participation.

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From Canada, with love.

Who will vouch for your for the reopen? We can help. Your peers and your customers will have a way to help you reach your goals, if you let us help you.

Register and have the advantage of collecting reviews for you, wherever you go. Let’s face it, places open and close, managers move on and change numbers. But the one constant thing is YOU. So wherever you go, and do good work, that is value that gets lost without a vote. Your reputation can now be made real, whenever, wherever. We’ll help you reach the stars.


Are you tired of having your eyes feeling like they are fried?
After spending too much time in front of a screen I was!

Then in the wonders of the webs I found this nifty free plugin. It basically inverts colors on websites to make them kinder to your eyes. So instead of a white background you can have a black background that is just as easy to read, but much easier in the eyes. I promise I’ll try to add this feature to Agaru, but for now you can surf the web in much more ease. Also, it is FREE.

So don’t put off working on your next great thing because your eyes feel like crying, with this you can work in much more comfort and worry about your ideas and not frying your eyes. Check it out here:


Bourbon! ’the brownest of all brown liquors’… Love it, hate it, but do you know it’s colourful story?

Here is an excellent resource via @audiobooks. Dr. Albala goes deep into the history all the way back to beer-making to trace the origins of that ‘medicinal’ liquor that aficionados and late nights love. He even argues  that perhaps  taxes on liquor is what really brought on the American independence! Really great content, clearly explained, without pretension, and you may even learn a drinking song or two. Hope that you check it out (as always, not getting paid for this). And if it is your first book with Audiobooks its FREE (also free if you already subscribe).
For more resources like this check out the rest of our site. We have resources on wines, spirits, even guided meditations to help you sleep better and sales resources (ALL FREE). Our goal is to help talent rise. (<– click here for audiobook)

Picture credit Sir Joseph Paxton, “Capsicum ustulatum,” Paxton’s Magazine of Botany and Register of Flowering Plants, 1838.

There was a time when curry did not have chilli peppers. I know, unthinkable. I never really thought about it but it makes sense, Chilli peppers arrived to India much after Columbus ran into the new world.

So how’d they cook before that? Seems lots of garlic, ginger and the pungent asafoetida. Not until the 1600 there was a record of chilies making curry. Wild eh? Via @contingent_mag


One of the challenges for meritocracy in hospitality is access. 
Colleges have tests, trades have specialized benchmarks, but hospitality in North America lacks that. Instead we get arbitrary and subjective criteria to promotions and access to opportunities.
As society progresses we will find that in order to have real  growth and change we ‘ll have to apply and encourage merit based promotions. 
Just like democracy,  change begins with YOU being willing to participate and be willing to extend a chance to others. Participation is crucial for a civilized society, and recognizing the talent of others will bring about real change.
How, do we propose? Vote on our platform recognizing talent you find.

Help us help them establish a record of their skill, so that talent can rise beyond politics and other -isms at work. Your participation is rewarded as well.
Together will bring people what they deserve: Respect and dignity.  Cannot be bought or sold. It will be built by the talent and effort of the individual. We will make it tangible

From the government of Canada,

“ OTEC, along with the Futures Skills Centre, is launching the Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Response (THER) recovery plan, funded by the Government of Canada and funded in part by the Government of Ontario. We’re here for you! Complete the SURVEY today at

for a chance to win one of three $200 VISA gift cards. See contest rules.” 

not for scale


Good news for kitchen staff: you can challenge the Red Seal certification if you have enough hours. This is great because this certification can open doors to better pay and opportunities. If you are laid off I would really consider this chance! A nice subsidy (AKA FREE MONEY) really helps in these challenging times

From OTEC’s Site:
Red Seal Equivalency Course Details

Cost: Subsidy Available
Duration: The Trades Equivalency Assessment takes 10-15 weeks to assess following submission
Method of Study: Self-Study
Age Requirement: 18 years and older
Eligibility: Resident of Ontario, eligible to work in the province. 6000+ hours of experience as a professional cook.

Course Description
This program is for anyone with experience, but no formal training or formal apprenticeship in cooking. 

If you have 6000+ hours of work experience as a professional cook, this program can help you collect the documentation, pay for the assessments, books and exams needed to apply for Red Seal Equivalency Certification and take your career to the next level.

We will assist you with:

  1. Direction to get proof of your 6000 hours of work experience.
  2. Assistance with the Trades Equivalency Assessment(TEA) application process.
  3. Funding up to 50% of the TEA application costs,  Red Seal Exam Fee and study materials.

Start Dates

Ongoing intake

Your career starts here. Prepare to succeed. 
 Contact Nicolette at 437-994-6490 or by email for information about registration.

Any questions? Call 1-888-777-HWTC (4982)

Please share with colleagues and talent out there!
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I came across a really neat idea from a hotel in #Montreal from the team of @Hotel Rive Gauche – Refuge. Why not bring the Sommelier and the waiter to the room? much safer for the diner, staff  can keep distance and they have a more personalized experience (it also helps navigate the MASSIVE wine collection the hotel has).

This could be a way to entice people to come back to hotels and use the facilities in novel ways. . . seems that families are booking rooms and thus avoiding potential crowds in restaurants. Would it be more effective at containing COVID? Who knows, but at least is an alternative. (opens in new tab)

What do you think? Would you do it in your property? 

Let me know, we’d love to help you get metrics of the customer experience, while getting the staff a better, digitized resume. 

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October 27, 2020

Picture credit: Wordsmith


The time will come when we can look for jobs again, perhaps in a different way or in a different trade. 
A resume only tells so much, but your abilities and skills learned in hospitality can easily translate to other fields. How can you make sure that people outside can understand what you do and what you have done before? 

Here is where a good resume coach can really help you. We gotta keep in mind that a human will read your resume and they are looking for the answers they expect. What I mean is that people look for answers that fit their considerations. In larger enterprises, chances are your resume will be first put through a computer program to sort out if you are a good fit. They can miss your resume if you do not have the right words in the right way. Crazy, I know. But this is the timeline we are living. 

Here is the meat of the article: 

” Look at the job description. By reviewing what a hiring manager asked for and how they asked for it, you can get an idea of which words they’ll plug into the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) after applications have been collected.

Carefully read through the job description or use Jobscan to determine which keywords (in whatever tense or style) are used the most. Work them into your resume exactly as they appear. “Simple enough right? it is just like hospitality: Pay attention and give them what they ask for.

here is the article

(I do not know these people, I am not paid to post this, I am not a marketing affiliate to them, I do not work for them. Just hope it can help you find your dreams).


So you want to learn about wine, but have only basic knowledge? Shaw academy is offering for a limited time their online course for FREE. Check it out, you may learn a thing or two and it never hurts to refresh what you know.

Check out the link in our bio, to connect with this and more FREE resources.

I am not affiliated, not commissioned, just, as always, #helpingtalentrise
#changehospitality #hospitality #hotel #restaurant #bar #respect #winetraining #hospitalityservice #wine #attitude #gratitude #hwinetraining #recognition #qualityservice #makeitnice #agaru #hospitalitytraining #guestsatisfaction #aptitude #stafftraining #hospitalityindustry #truehospitality #serviceexcellence #hospitalityconsulting #restaurant #hotel #sommelier #gastronomy