What is great service?

So what is Great service? how can we define it?

Here is a quick guide we think is fair:

  1. Prompt (fast is best, time is money)
  2. Helpful (pointless to be fast and nice if you can’t really help, eh?)
  3. Meets the mark of the guest / client (and exceed those needs)
  4. At expected / stated cost or reasonably close (time is money but money is also money)
  5. Mindful of the client expectations (being seamless about touchy issues like cost and timing)
  6. Smooth interaction (all complexity either explained beforehand or eliminated, from A to Z)
  7. Pleasant (you want to see the people that served you again and again, and you would send your friends to them too)
  8. FUN! (It’s what makes is personal and brings people back)




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