Here we have compiled a bunch of resources of all things wine and wine related. Why? Wine not (::cue eyes rolling::) All the info is free and available for you. Wine can be a difficult subject but if you learn bit by bit (or sip by sip?) you will end with a lot more knowledge than you imagine.

Here are more resources (mostly for our US brethren) that further break down into regional or company specific groups. There are a lot of resources if you know how to reach them, so hopefully this can be useful for someone in these crazy times we live in:

This is another new initiative, also based and for USA companies.


So you wanna learn something else besides wine and booze? No problem, we got ya! here is a MASSIVE list of online classes, seminars, and resources to learn just about anything (languages!, coding!, musical instruments!). Wanna find a job in a different field and work remotely? these guys have the hookups. Mostly for the USA, but now and then there are positions for Canadians too. Shoutout to @dynamite_jobs for putting together this great list !Not affiliated, not making a commission out of this.

MORE FREE WINE TRAINING ! So you are not a novice but not full on Sommelier. Fear not, I think this course will do you well. Put on by some of the biggest names in the business, including a Master Sommelier, Tim Gaiser, for 7 hours of training.  7 hours of a Master Sommelier, are NOT cheap, so this is quite a bargain. Course includes (from their site):

The attitude, demeanor, and professional behavior of the Sommelier

Communication skills – speaking and listening with confidence

Service basics, mise-en-place, and more

Still wine service

Champagne service

Decanting red wine

Dealing with customer service challenges

Use coupon code  ” covidsucks ” and watch the list price of $69 USD drop to $0 like magic! (not affiliated, no commission, no sales)

Shoutout to @napavalleywineacademy for sharing this great resource with the industry.

picture credit: Italian wine podcast

Do you love Italian wine? OF COURSE you do. What is not to love? Incredible variety and biodiversity, colourful characters making it, stunning locations and what goes best with Italian food than Italian wine?? However. . . learning about it is HARD. So many regions and grapes and names to remember!
But here is a great resource. Reading about Italian wine is great, but here is a podcast @italianwinepodcast that teaches you in bite size the lowdown of the land. Made in collaboration with the fine crew of @wine2wine and @vinitaly you know you’ll get top content in bite sizes. Highly recommend !!

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Another valuable FREE resource focused on helping women and minorities with free wine education. With the idea of offering training and support for those that, although are a large part of the trade. they  rarely have access to opportunities for advancement and raises. In their own words:
“we provide tuition-free wine education, mentoring services, and access to a wider network of sommeliers and hospitality professionals. We believe education not only qualifies an individual for higher levels of employment, it empowers one to pursue endless opportunities for advancement” 
Their course is 12 weeks of FREE training and includes all fundamentals, taught by Master Sommeliers, Masters of wines and pros of the trade.   
We couldn’t agree more with their mission, and fully support their efforts. The best way to help people is to help them help themselves. 

Empowering Women and Persons of Color through tuition-free wine education


So you want to learn about wine, but have only basic knowledge? Shaw academy is offering for a limited time their online course for FREE. Check it out, you may learn a thing or two and it never hurts to refresh what you know.

Check out the link in our bio, to connect with this and more FREE resources.

We are not affiliated, not commissioned, just, as always, #helpingtalentrise

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Based on what Julia Coney (@juliaconey) has posted on instagram.

We believe that a great way to help people is to help them help themselves. And what better way than to give talent a chance to shine?
Our goal is to help talent be recognized, wherever and whomever they may be. Its something small, but we hope it will help in some way.

This is a living document, meaning it will change and expand with YOUR participation.

Its on a Google docs, so anyone can comment.

We do not take responsibility for the accuracy or the content submitted by contributors, we do not own the content, posters are the owners of the content they contribute, we do not censor unless disruptive or racist commentary, play nice.

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@vino 301

From Canada, with love.

pic credit: Book of Hours. Paris, 1490


From the Government of South Australia, a collection of fun and amusing books and clippings of wine lore… like you ever wondered how were monks punished if they got drunk? catching a buzz was ok?… What did Shakespeare have to say about wine? 

These and other tidbits (Including a kick ass selection of Australian wine history) can be found for FREE. Go check it out if you wanna nerd out on Australian wine. 

And why should you learn this? Well, because you know that half of the job is to be an entertainer and tell stories, and this can be your ammo to be endlessly entertaining !


From John Szabo, MS and Sara D’ Amato !

Another new and fun episode on the new wave of Bordeaux wines coming out, particularly in the Medoc. Bordeaux was not exactly a centre for innovation and change for many years, so it is refreshing that there are cool and sustainable projects coming out of there these days.  It is an hour long, so it is a bit of a time commit, but well worth it! 
You’ll learn about the land, the soil, what grows there and tidbits about history. WIN. 

Here is from the authors:

” Wine Thieves new series! A perspective-changing three-part podcast on the Médoc in Bordeaux, seen through the lens of a new generation of family-owned estates. Forward-thinking and with commitment to sustainable and organic production, we explore the new dynamism of the Médoc, inquire about women in wine in this historic region, and listen to perspectives on the future of Bordeaux. A review of terroir, appellations, classifications and some history is thrown in along the way. Episode 1 features Elise Uijttewaal, proprietor of the Cru Bourgeois Château Saint-Hilaire in AOC Médoc. Of Dutch descent and a trained engineer, Elise is perfectly equipped to speak about the history of the region and the terroir of the Médoc. You’ll hear about how there are more women in the vineyards and cellars of the Médoc than ever before, and our discussion on the updated Cru Bourgeois and Cru Artisan classifications.”

picture credit: Committee Champagne


Do you like Champagne? who doesn’t! Wanna learn more? Here is an excellent resource, created by the people that make champagne. Learn from the masters all you ever wanted to know, and the best part FREE! (for the basics at least). The certification is a reasonable $50EUR if you wanna go deeper and get a certificate. 
We always encourage learning and this course is fun and educational. 
Language: platform in French and in English

The videos are available in French and in English, subtitled in Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
So even if English is not your first language (like me) you can still learn and follow along. The course should take about 3-5 hours. Better than Netflix, because it will make you money. 
We hope it helps you in any way!

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