By Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes Guatemala – https://www.flickr.com/photos/139231441@N06/43577328120/, CC BY 2.0

I’ve always hated those managers that all they did was yell at people. The type that they think they are a leader because they have a title, HA! That is 1950’s management. Not a great way to deal with your staff. Not a great way to run a business.

It is time to move on from toxic practices like that and on to better ones that encourage people with dignity and respect.

Leadership is not yelling at people. It’s building them up, and helping them find their best talents and qualities. A leader is nothing without people willing to follow them. 

here is what he says are the 5 levels of real leadership:

Level 1 — Position (there because you have a title)
Level 2 Permission (connect with you team)
Level 3 —Production (people want to build with you)
Level 4 People Development (bring out the best in your team)
Level 5 Pinnacle (change an industry and maybe the world)

From the OG master, John Maxwell, two part series. This is really great, easy to understand and apply. Watch both videos, it will make a lot of sense. It has a section as well that comments on places where being nice could be seen as a weakness (like the EME and LATAM).

  I’m a big believer in what he says. I hope this helps you in any kind of way.