Why vote? Help talent rise

Soft skills’ are considered ‘unmeasurable’.

Thanks to your vote staff will be rewarded for good performance and can have access to opportunities beyond age, gender, origin, politics  or seniority at work.

As we have seen, there is no hospitality without staff.

We strongly believe that talent should be given opportunity.

Help us help talent rise.
We help those who are great at their job, and do it with heart.

We are tackling a big problem that affects a lot of ‘little people’ around the world in hospitality (1 in 10 jobs):
The lack of a measure for ‘people skills’ that are considered ‘soft’ and ‘unmeasurable’.
And yet these skills are crucial to the economy, as we have seen with COVID-19.

With a bit of gratitude (an entry in our platform) we can make a major impact on service staff by saying thank you beyond money, giving instead something more important: respect.

This is what a well-known anthropologist (Philippe Bourgois) would find out, makes the difference between selling crack in El Barrio or trying to find legitimate work.
What crack dealers really wanted is the respect of their society and peers.
Imagine if we gave them a chance to prove themselves in a different way.

The search for Respect is a major factor that rules most of our lives, isn’t it?

Ideally our record will serve as a reference of skill, and be part of the staff wherever they may go. We’ll vouch for their talent

Wasted talent is a shame, and YOU can make a difference with EVERY participation. To you it won’t be much. But for the staff it can be life changing in both money and work.

We are offering to reward participation in the platform.

For every 10 votes you send for staff you encounter, we will send you a bottle of wine. FREE. (our pick, terms and conditions apply).

Down the road there will be special events, giveaways and social recognition.

Plus, applying gratitude is great for the soul.

Sounds sensible? we think so. Please vote in the talent you know :

We believe this is a win-win-win and the way of the future.
 Our goal is that everyone that participates in the process can benefit from the interactions. 

Big picture:
Ultimately we will bring people everywhere what they deserve: Respect and dignity.  
Cannot be bought or sold.
It will be built by the talent and effort of the individual. We will make it tangible.

Agaru, helping talent rise