Our Ethos: Why do we believe?

Grace and gratitude

Grace and gratitude will never go out of style. So we are trying to make that manifest easier. 

The idea is to help people help themselves through the quality of their work. Real talk, hospitality  takes a certain skill set,  and  what you learn working in hospitality — learning to deal with people is very valuable and should be better recognized. 


By creating a record of the talented servers in the city. A database of the best.

Ideally, with time, the better the record the better the chances to get a different job, a promotion or perhaps a raise. Down the road staff will take this record with them and do all kinds of other things, the sky is the limit. We’ll vouch for the votes staff get from patrons, so that there is an independent third party record. 


So Im asking for your help to find talent across the city or wherever you may go — bar, restaurant, coffee shop. All you have to do is tell us the name, the place and the rating you would give them. We think a jury of your guests  is a fair way to be assessed. 

Every quarter we’ll check the submissions and give the best in the record a bottle of nice wine to start with. Something symbolic. May not be much, but we think it would be really nice to feel that someone recognizes the skill that it takes to do what we do. And you could be the next lucky one. 

Help us help others  by telling us about their talent  https://www.agaru.me

What is talent? https://www.agaru.me/talent

What is great service? https://www.agaru.me/what-is-great-service