Agaru began with a somewhat different approach to HR and solutions for hospitality.

Our founder, Adrian Marquez, has a background in Anthropology.
While studying in the University of Toronto he learned about a famous researcher (Philippe Burgoise, PhD) that lived with crack dealers in El Barrio to understand why would anyone do it.
It is dangerous, pay is terrible, stressful, bad for society. And they know it.

Philippe Burgoise
Picture credit: UCLA

He went on to write a wild book, detailing all his findings. A very interesting, if challenging read.

Turns out that dealers sell crack and other drugs for one thing: Respect.

Money was fine, but the respect of their peers and society is what the dealers really wanted. Fairly simple, right? And isn’t it what we all want? All that we do in life is to earn the respect and recognition of others. Money is just a proxy for that.

So what if we could offer people a way to show they are someone, and that they are good at something in a more meaningful and positive way? That got our founder thinking.

What if there was a way for people who do not have formal credentials from school, but are very talented, to achieve their dreams in more positive ways?

Combined with 20 years experience in hospitality the project took a few years to take shape, but it has come along rather nicely.

We came to realize that the best way to help people is to help them help themselves, and one way is offering them a tangible record of their abilities, something that is considered ‘intangible and unmeasurable’ as far as hospitality work goes. Having this record will bring agency, self respect and gratification to people everywhere

Our long term vision remains clear.

Ultimately we will bring people everywhere what they deserve: Respect and dignity.  Cannot be bought or sold. It will be built by the talent and effort of the individual. We will make it tangible.