I figured it out! Ever get the feeling the ads you get are a liiitle too perfect for you? like ‘WTF get out of my head !’ close? Happens to me all the time and I couldn’t figure out how they did it. 

Little know thing is that Siri is listening to EVERYTHING you share in your devices if you use an iphone. Every time you open or use an app Siri is ‘learning’ from you, your choices and your preferences. And it is done every time you add a new app. All part of the Terms and Conditions nobody reads, so perfectly legal. 

But there are ways to stop that. What you have to do is thankfully pretty easy:

1. Go to settings
2. Pick any of the apps and click
3. You’ll notice there is a slate for ‘Siri & search’
4. Click on that 
5. You’ll learn there is a ‘Learn from this App’  switch turned ON
6. Turn off the permission
7. Repeat for the apps you want
So now you know, and knowledge is power!