Hello New Zealand !

Greetings from Canada!

Thank you for visiting our site.

We are a startup working with Go With Tourism in New Zealand to help you reach new levels of customer satisfaction. We are looking for collaborators in your area. 

Why New Zealand? Well, you did excellent team work and you are recovering better than anyone in the world, and we depend on customer participation to make magic.

Here is our offer:
We’ll provide you data of your team performance, so you can have peace of mind. Don’t tell you staff to be nice. Know who is nice. We’ll reward talent and customers.

We know that hospitality is very challenging.

We don’t know the customer benchmarks. We don’t know what the staff can deliver.
Together this makes guest satisfaction very difficult!


We can help you know when and how work can be improved. All based on customer votes.

Think along the lines of a mystery shopper but X 1000. And all free, if you are willing to try.

Why are we nice?

Well, for one, we are Canadian. It’s in the maple syrup.

Second, we think that not knowing how a team performs is very dangerous to any company. And it’s important for the team to know where and how to improve, so they can build a career. Together it can create loyalty beyond any wages.

By having a record of performance enterprises can get better customer feedback and manage staff better with actionable, objective and measurable data. This is a sample of the private page what we would build for you:



Staff is rewarded for good performance and can have access to opportunities beyond age, gender, origin, politics or seniority at work. Their record will travel wherever they go.

Customers are rewarded for their participation.

All of this for free. Interested? Get in touch!


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Not interested? that’s OK. We’d still like to invite you to check out the rest of our site. There are many FREE resources for staff to upskill, and they may come handy for the future.

Thank you for your consideration.


Adrian Marquez
Anthropologist, Sommelier, Founder