“Gratitude is the wine of the soul”


Gratitude is more than a hashtag. Gratitude is really the action of being grateful.

Doesn’t have to be something earth shattering. We can start by acknowledging the little things that happen to and are done towards us in every way. Even bad times can be a source of gratitude, as we learn to enjoy the good times even more.

Gratitude is also healing, when we share it with others. By  giving thanks to the universe we can find our place with some more clarity. And, even better, takes nothing from us, costs nothing, and will NEVER go out of style.

How do one start? well, writing down the things that makes one happy, the things we are happy for in our lives, the fact that we are healthy and can enjoy what life has to offer, and also what others do for us. You’d be amazed how many things one can find to be thankful for.

The best part is that being grateful will also help heal our spirits in ways that nothing else can. Try it out, go on, get drunk on ‘the wine of the soul’ as the poet Rumi would say.

How can you express gratitude beyond money, in a meaningful way?

Why are we doing this?

Gratitude is one of the nicest human emotions. And we can use that to change the world. Your feedback matters. You can help change someone’s life for the better.

Let’s recognize people who are great at their job

Few of us have the time to recognize those that do good work by sending a ‘thank you’ note or an email.  But it makes a huge difference for the recipient. Recognition of a job well done rarely happens.

We can guarantee you that it feels AMAZING to receive recognition for the work you do — AND it also feels GREAT to express gratitude. Gratitude is free, its endless, makes you happier and it makes the world a better place. What’s holding you back?

Found someone great at their job? Tell us about them!

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    1 star, barely there
    2 stars, so-so
    3 stars, adequate
    4 stars, Good !
    5 stars, Excellent ! exceeds expectation

What happens after I vote?
We create a record for the staff, so that there is proof of their talent.
With your vote we will help those that are good at their job have an independent measure of their talent, aside from enterprises or governments. We believe  that wasted talent is a shame. 

We are not asking for charities
We are not religiously affiliated 

In essence, we are asking everyday customers to tell us about their customer service experiences. Feedback wins.

With this we create a record for the staff, so they have feedback on their work, and a record. The record belongs to the staff, wherever they may go. 

What do we get out of this?
Not much. Down the road we hope to help people reach the potential by being able to prove their talents in hospitality / customer service. It takes skill, attitude, aptitude and it should be better recognized.
One thing we can promise all staff and users: Your participation will be rewarded.