Free Beer! (with signup and participation! )

But first, tell us about those who are great at their job:

1 estrella = Apenas ahí
2 estrellas = Más o menos, mediocre
3 estrellas = Adecuado
4 estrellas = Bueno!
5 estrellas = Excellente !

Hello  thirsty colleague,

Thank you for your interest.

Why are we doing this?

Few of us have the time to recognize those that do good work by sending a thank you note or an email.  But we both know  it makes a huge difference for the recipient

Grace and gratitude will never go out of style. So we try to make expressing that easier beyond any money. 

So whats the benefit?

We will help those that are good at their job have an independent measure of their talent. Take that record and find further training, education or perhaps even a raise. Your talent, your record.

Sign up and receive a free beer for rating others in the business. Doesn’t matter where, how old they are, sex, type of restaurant or bar or taco stand. Good service is good service.

What we are interested in is finding out who are the best in the city and reward that talent.
We are looking to give the unsung heroes a chance to shine.

This project was created by people, for the people and with the people that work in the hospitality world. We are not a recruitment agency or government institution. Our interest is recognition, respect for those who put hard effort into work and to help talent rise.

    Once you sign up we’ll email you the details to get your beer.

Thank you for participating, and we hope you have many great services.


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Grace and gratitude helping talent rise

Agaru   — The reference for hospitality