How do you deal with customers to make sure they get the best possible service?
Here are some great resources Ive found on the internets.

These are great memes that can help you remember these strategies. Learn from the best instead of having to figure it out yourself, it’ll be way longer that way.

Here’s the tl;dr:


Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome.
Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs.
Present a solution for the customer to take home today.
Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns.
End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

(Stolen from Apple LOL )

Believe – The customer is not always right, but we gotta keep kayfabe. Give them the feel they are in the right.
Listen – Most people just wanna be heard. Repeat back, Calmly, no judging, chill replay the problem as they see it to assure them you understand their problem. They’ll appreciate you paid attention.
Apologize – “Always apologize even if you did nothing wrong.” Wild, but again, keeping the Kayfabe at all times. Their complain is real as they believe, they want an apology . . . saying we are sorry is free!
Satisfy – Make it right. What can I do to make this right? let them feel happy with the solution within reason of course. Dont give out the house!
Thank – Always say thank you for pointing out the pain points of the experience. Hard to believe but this is feedback and a chance to make it better for those to follow. And that means money in your pocket.

(this is from the people that manage A&W, Yum! brands)

Communication – Explain the process and manage expectations
Accountability – Take ownership, get the answers own the problem
Responsiveness – Reply to people, dont leave hanging on read. Good or bad.
Empathy – Empathize with the customer and their situation
Solution – Deliver the solution or sort the question.

From the cool sounding Qualtrix XM Institute

Listen – It’s best to understand whats bothering people first, solving comes later
Acknowledge – Emotions are good, acknowledge people may feel rattled, be sincere: “I apologize for this error.” Or “I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult experience.”
Understand – Listen, but now offer relief about the issue — and you will deliver
Relate – Try to imagine a time when you’ve been in the same situation, show you get it. They call it Empathy.
Act – Once feelings are sorted, and in place, work with them to find a solution. Avoid the blame game, nobody wins.

From customer service expert Jeff Toister 

Square to face the customer, just a little off centre, avoid staring
Open posture, don’t cross arms and legs, it can appear defensive.
Lean forward towards the guest. A little goes a long way.
Eye contact. Maintain EYE CONTACT with the client without staring.
Relaxed and natural. RELAX. This should in turn help the client to relax.

From “The Skilled Helper, 10th Edition” by Gerard Eagan

Hear Them Out – As with all of the above, hear first, think then act.
Empathize – Show them you understand, name their feelings. ‘ I would be too’.
Great way to diffuse situations
Apologize – Like it or not a company is a team. Not your fault, but your problem. Remember that and apologizing won’t take anything physical from you.
“The last thing the customer wants to hear is that you didn’t do it. Maybe “you” didn’t do it, but your company did – and you’re a team”.
Resolve – Fix the problem!
Take Action – Have a plan with the above points and execute. Explain how are you gonna fix the problem and what to expect next.

From the Steve di Gioia blog
It takes a team to make customers happy, here are great ways to make it stick

Greet – Simple as never ignore people that come inside, everyone gets greeted.
Understand – listen carefully, respond efficiently and effectively.
Eye-contact – helps people feel appreciated and important
Speed of Service – Learning how to prioritize tasks is an art, customers should always come first, everything else can wait.
Thank You – A simple “thank you” will show appreciation for guests and encourage them to come back and be a guest again.

Control the situation.
Acknowledge the dilemma. (and Avoid confrontation)
Refocus the conversation.
Problem-solve so the customer leaves happy.

Customers may give you crap, but it doesn’t have to turn into a situation. This is the basis of the art of customer ju-jitsu. Wow them without them knowing how.

Simplicity – Whatever system you use to get the job done should help you reduce complexity, access data and get things sorted quickly and painlessly.
Efficiency – “Efficiency is simplicity scaled.” read that again.
Repeatability – Consistency + efficiency = can’t lose. New customers can and should expect the magic to happen again and again.
Versatility – engage the customers from whichever way they approach you when they need help, online or IRL. Everyone in the team should be able to help.
Excellence – perfecting all parts of the CX, al interactions should be way better than expected, and a new opportunity to make the company look good.

From a post on linkedIn by Ganga Dharan

Listen – and repeat the customer concern. Simple but effective!
Empathize – Showing concern is always the way to go. Never disregard.
Apologize – “I’m sorry this happened. I’m happy to help fix it.” MAGIC
Solve – Find a solution as close as ideal as you can, Improvise, adapt, overcome if you have to. At least moving towards the solution is a great way to show you care.
Thank – Think about a complain as a way to see what you may have missed, helping you and the company do things better. Also, for being a customer. Without customers there is no job!


Shared by the one and only Steve DiGioia Hope they help you in any way!

Customer service shorthand meeemmzz

” 5 E’s of genuine hospitality

  • Eye Contact
  • Enthusiastic Greeting
  • Ear-to-ear Smile
  • Engage
  • Educate ”

And if you can. . . Prompt Polite Personalized