Got a card? Congratulations!

If you are reading this is because someone out there thought you did a great job. Feel free to pat yourself in the back!.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

What happens now? Well, you are part of a database of talent in the city. Your record, like your talent,  is yours and will always be. We will encrypt the data so that only you can have a access to your record, and you can share that (or not) as you like.

We are here only to facilitate and vouch for all the votes that we get. In time, this data can be used by you to find further training, perhaps negotiate a raise or find a new job.

In addition, down the road recruiters will be able for search for talent in this database.  You can choose to opt out of this, however we suggest sticking around. The more people know about you the better chances for your true potential to shine to your own benefit. Think about this as a building step in making your own brand more powerful.

Even better: we will share any profits from recruitment with you. Its only fair. We will also reward those that tell us about talented people . And that is our promise. 


But wait, there is more! We will hold contest through the year to reward those that stand out in the city. A small gesture but we think its only right to recognize in public those that put heart and effort into their craft.

If you think this is fair, please help us by sharing with others.  Tell us about those talented people you find in your days. All we need is a name, the place, and the rating you would give them.

Ultimately we are here to help talent rise.

What is talent?

What is great service?