Feedback is hard to get and very important to improve performance. 

After we receive your vote a few magical things happen:

1. We start (or add to) a record for the team or staff.
With this record their talent can live on, and can be a source for recognition.

2. We send an old fashioned paper ‘good job!’ letter to the team or the staff member.

3. Their manager also gets a letter, notifying them of the good work their staff does.

4. If they are the best in their city, they will win a prize every year.

5. If they ever need a reference we are happy to vouch for them.

And together we can encourage a hospitality that recognizes good effort.


Ideally this record will serve as a reference of skill, and be part of the staff credentials wherever else where they may go. We’ll vouch for the staff talent so that they can find other opportunities or training or even loans and access to credit otherwise unattainable. 
The staff can always Opt out anytime, but frankly they are better off by participating.

Enterprises will gain better insight of the performance of their teams with more granular data and customers will be rewarded for sharing their views in a simple way, where they can help others help themselves through their talent. 

In a way, Agaru is a rethink of the relations between staff, customers and enterprises. 

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