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1 star, barely there
2 stars, so-so
3 stars, adequate
4 stars, Good !
5 stars, Excellent !, exceeds expectation

Get to know me.

Adrian Marquez, Anthropologist, Sommelier. 20+ years  in hospitality trade trade
Background: Mexican, Mexico City.
Citizenship: Mexican, Canadian by immigration20+ years

Entrepreneur background:  From a family of entrepreneurs. Understands the value of work, and the  reality of the lack of opportunity for most people in developing nations.  
Lifetime entrepreneur (4x) with international business experience in east Asia (Japan, Singapore).  
Mr Marquez was the creative spark behind stardust@home, a very successful crowdsourcing program that helps space exploration.
Mr Marquez is also part of the founding team of Chariles’ Burgers, a renegade outfit that would go to become ‘one of the best food and wine experiences in the world’,
Mr Marquez is also a graduate of Founder Institute, based out of Silicon Valley, an accelerator with a very challenging program.

Driving force: After being homeless  after a failed venture, vowed to make sure that never happens to hardworking people anywhere for any reason. There is a lot of natural talent out there that is unrecognized and  thinks that wasted talent is morally wrong.

Frequently asked.

What do you specialize in?

Helping talent rise

But I also love Italian wine

Is this communism? Why Agaru?

No, not quite. Wouldn’t call it free market capitalism either. Think an in between.

Why would you give away revenue? How is that a business?

What we are collecting is the labour of people, and something we did not directly work for. Therefore we cannot claim it as our own. It belongs to those that generate it.

Things I can do.

Impossible wine matches

“I could not have done better myself” said a Master Sommelier regarding my matches for a 100 course dinner

Expertly Trained

Over 20 years experience in fine dining, self starter and learner

Expert Communicator

I can explain wine simply and relate it to any audience. I can also pilot the Millenium Falcon without yelling.

Rates for hire

$ N/A hour in person
$50 / hour remote

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